General Specification

4,400 VA (1BR); 8,800 VA (2BR); 13,200 VA (3BR)

1 line (1BR) Installation Only (For Other Type in Living & Master Bedroom)

Air Conditioning
Refrigerant Pipe, Drain Pipe & Power Water and Electrical points only (All Bathrooms Exclude Maids Bathroom)

Water Heater
Fixture only.

No Bulb

Internet Connection & Cable TV
1 Line in Living Room (Installation Only)

Sanitair Ware
Bathroom : Standing Coupled Water Closet with Flushing mechanism (exclude Maid's Toilet)
Bathtub for 3BR and 2BR Type (all type except E-2D)
Kitchen : Single Bowl, Stainless Steel Sink,
Marble Table Top with Ceramic Backsplash
Washer & Dryer : Water and Electrical points only

Door & Windows
Main Door : Solid Frame, Engineered Wooden Door
Other Door : Solid Frame, Honeycomb Wooden Door
Windows : Powder Coated Alumunium Frame with Clear Glass

Hand Rail : Coated Metal Balustrade